Forgetful Pineapple

It saddens me to begin this blog by admitting that I have not written for about three weeks. This outlet is something I’m extremely passionate about as well as the overall

Live Like a Pineapple lifestyle.

P.S. I’m currently writing this in my Halloween costume…a pineapple.

The best part about this particular blog is what I’m going to share…The three lessons I have learned from not blogging in three weeks.

Are you still with me? Good because this is something I want you to hear.

I’m in a better mental state when I’m blogging.

When I fill my time up with brainstorming ideas, focusing on new topics and actually writing, I find myself in a high vibration (really filling myself up with Cara) and overall positive mental state. I find that my mind is full of pineapple thoughts which uplifts my mood and overall demeanor.

I look on the brighter side of things when I’m blogging.

When I am focused on my pineapple lifestyle, I’m quick to be more positive about situations. I am focused on the line “…be sweet on the inside” and I look for more opportunities to be grateful for the blessings I have around me.

I am more confident when I am blogging.

This one I found to be interesting. When I first started blogging I can remember thinking how self-conscious I was about the idea of really putting myself out there. Once I started doing that, I quickly learned that it actually helped with my confidence. That “Stand tall…” feeling was something I really craved and thrived on.

So, I have learned in the last three weeks without blogging that I forget my Live Like a Pineapple lifestyle.

I find myself in a more negative space, where I’m not looking at things or myself positively nor am I the confident or kind individual that I need to be. I have found that my passion is writing and with anything you do consistently, like working out, you crave that feeling and realize once you stop, how much you not only miss it, but how much stopping has impacted you.

As you have read this, I hope that it reminds you of a passion you have in your life that you have forgotten about. Because something as small as writing a blog can alter my mood—think of the impact yours has on you!



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