Do pineapples expire?

As the end of 2017 wraps up, it is a time many people reflect on the year. It is a time for everyone to discuss the top events that took place…both in the world and in their personal life. It is a time for people to decide what things they are going to change in the new year. What are they going to bring with them in 2018 and what are they going to leave behind.

It is a clean slate, a brand new planner & it is your decision on how you fill it.

My 2017 consisted of new challenges, new loves. New opportunities and new losses. New memories and new regrets.

But…wasn’t everyone’s year full of that stuff?

Haley’s 2017 Year

Buying a House

You obviously know about this one, it was a big deal! It kicked off my 2017—I closed on January 17th. It set the stage for the adult that I was becoming in 2017. Do I feel like I grew up? Absolutely. Do I also feel like there are still parts of me that are immature and needs 2018 to mature for me? Yes!

Becoming a Pineapple

I started my pineapple blog—which has definitely been a highlight for me this year. This blog has been a way for me to write out my thoughts, feelings and emotions. It has allowed me to adjust how I see myself, my friends and the world around me.

This blog will be something that I carry over in 2018. My brand-new planner will be filled with pineapple thoughts, plans and actions.

Ditching Donuts  

Yep…enough said. I’m leaving that one in 2017—I miss them very much. It isn’t even like I ate them that much, just knowing I told myself I couldn’t have them this year…really made me want them more!


I am carrying that “new tradition” over to 2018 though. What have I decided to give up?


No matter the plans that I make for myself…whether it be for my pineapple brand or something silly like deciding not to eat or drink something for an entire year—It’s important to remember that there is already a plan in place. It is important to remember that no matter how many planners we buy, goals we set, objectives we make…God’s plan will transpire—and it isn’t going to happen on our time…only on His.

Do you know how people will pick words or phrases at the beginning of the year to really focus on, study or work on? I’ve never done that before, but this year I am going to. Things have happened in my life during 2017 that have caused me to realize that in 2018 I need to work on Trusting the Plan. (more to come on the topic!)

So, my pineapple friends, I hope that you discover new habits and friendships in the new year and have the courage to let go of some in the old year. I hope that you embrace your own pineapple journey and remember to stand tall in 2018, wear your crown and be sweet on the inside.


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