Don’t feed your cat a pineapple

If you have been following me for a while, or basically five minutes…you know my love for cats. It’s not a “crazy cat lady” kind of love, (even though some would disagree) it’s a “I think they are really cool creatures & if I could be any animal in the world, I would pick a cat” kind of love!


Anyway, on my 24th birthday I had the opportunity to go to the Mac Tabby Cat Café. I had been following the owner’s story & enjoyed seeing her vision come to life. It is one thing to have a dream and talk about it, but it is another to have a dream and follow through.


If you haven’t been to the Mac Tabby Cat Café in Charlotte, N.C. I highly recommend it. Not because I am obsessed with cats and thinks everyone should be too. But, it’s a positive and inviting atmosphere. You walk in and are greeted by eager humans and their little passions rolling around on the floor waiting to be adopted.

If you want more specific information about their story or how it works…check out the link here.

As I was sitting in the lounge drinking my hot tea, snuggling with Gretchen (super sweet cat) and watching the other cats & people in the room…I started thinking about how sweet everyone was being…not only to each other, but to the cats. How sweet the owner and her family are for caring for these animals and giving them a second chance.

I started thinking about being sweet on the inside and what that really means. It is one thing to be a sweet person and be willing to help a friend when they move or be a listening ear in their time of need, but what if we saw being sweet as something like this cat café.

Giving another life a second chance.

Obviously, the situation is different, these cats were at a kill shelter & their lives were literally saved. I’m speaking about being more forgiving to people in our lives. Not harnessing anger or hatred, instead opening your heart and filling yourself up with happiness, positivity or cats (wink, wink)

I know it is a bit deep, but as the new year upon us, wouldn’t it be something if we focused our pineapple journeys on being just like the family that started the Mac Tabby Cat Café? Or being like a group of people sipping coffee in a lounge surrounded be cats?

It would be starting our journeys with the dream of being open to love and truly caring about the well-being of others. It would be starting our 2018 pineapple journey with the phrase “Be Sweet on the Inside.”

This year…

Be a pineapple. Be sweet on the inside, wear your crown and stand tall!

Good way to start?—go give one of the Mac Taby Cats a forever home! 😉





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