Bittersweet Pineapple

In my post A Trusting Pineapple, I share how this year is all about trusting God’s plan for me. In the last two months, I have been open to new opportunities and new people God has brought to my life. One of those people is a coworker, who has become a friend and spiritual influence—Cass Staley. I asked Cass if she would be interested in guest blogging. She agreed and I am delighted to share with you, her wisdom.


 When Haley asked me to be featured on her blog I was honored but also like “what in the world will I say”. It wasn’t until the words “a blog about trusting God and His plan” came out of her mouth that it became so apparent what I would write about.

Recently, God has literally turned my world upside down. It has required me to stand firm in Him and trust the hurricane that He has allowed into my life.

It wasn’t until this blog that I realized everything that was happening in my life now, had actually started my senior year of college. It started the day my Heavenly Father stirred something within me to move back home. God wanted me to move from a really comfortable place, a really familiar place (Philadelphia) to a not so familiar place, where I didn’t know anyone or feel close to anyone.

Sure enough, I moved back home with my mom and stepdad—to which my mom became my bestfriend. Did we butt heads? Yeah, but God used me in amazing ways in her life.

After a year in a half, my mom got baptized, she started attending my church and seeking the Lord. God was doing amazing things and it was all because I had faith even though I couldn’t see. It was all because I was obedient even though there was discomfort and unknown. It was ALL because of HIM.

Then, a not so sweet thing happened and before I knew it our family was separated.

To sum it up, God was breaking my mom’s chains of bondage and she was being set free! God was speaking sweet nothing’s into her; like you are worthy and loved and God has a plan for you! She listened and made some really hard decisions that had to be done, that lead to our family dividing.

In all honesty this really bitter thing has become a very sweet thing, as sweet as pineapple.

God has the ability to do amazing things in our lives, all we have to do is agree and trust in His good plan. The journey may not be flat and smooth but He knows what we need way more than we do. And for that I praise God!

Featured image: She Reads Truth 2018 Lenten Study of Exodus




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  1. Thank you for sharing this! “He works all things for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose.” I know God is doing Mighty things your life right now!

    1. Thank you for checking out the blog Michelle! Cass is awesome & brought such an inspiring message to the pineapple blog!

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