Pineapples with a side of meat

Recently, I went to one of the meat industry’s largest conferences with 14 other coworkers.

Should I stop so you can picture what a meat industry conference is all about? Are you picturing a giant room full of exhibitors and meat you can sample?


While at the conference I had the chance to listen to various presentations about the industry and how we all can keep moving forward. Now, before I lose you, this isn’t about the meat conference and what I learned. (If you are interested in learning though, you can read this post.)

This blog is about Shannon Huffman Polson—one of the keynote speakers at the conference. A strong woman, who demanded the attention of a packed room, full of men.


Shannon was one of the first women to fly the Apache helicopter in the U.S. Army. You can imagine the stories and lessons she had for the audience. As I sat and listened to her, I could feel myself being inspired—moved by her courage, determination and ability to stand tall in the face of adversity.

Shannon is the definition of a pineapple.

She started her presentation asking if anyone in the audience knew how to fly an Apache helicopter.

Do you?

“You turn towards the resistance. If you use it the right way, the resistance will help you rise,” Shannon explained.

If you take a minute, you realize that what she said—isn’t just about flying a helicopter. As she continued her presentation she said…“Think of fear as another form of resistance—turn towards it and fly directly through it.”

We all have those fears or forms of resistance in our lives that prevent us from standing tall—that halt us in our pineapple journey. But, as Shannon said, if we use that resistance the right way—if we embrace those fears, learn to work with them, not against them—they will help us rise.

Think about the resistance in your life? Are you working against it or allowing it to help you rise? For me, the resistance in my life has been my anxiety—and I have been working against it. Fear looks different for all of us, but no matter what it looks like for you—allow Shannon’s words to encourage you to turn towards it and rise.








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  1. Powerful blog post about a powerful woman written by a powerful rising star! Here’s to using the resistance in our lives to help us rise! Haley, you inspire me!

  2. I love it Haley, I heard alot about Shannon’s presentation and am glad to get some deeper insight! Glad it spoke to you and glad we now know we have at least 2 pineapples in the industry!

  3. Love this and so proud of you! There is so much you are learning and so much to be learned! Praying you don’t loose your hunger for the things God has in store for you! 🤗💕

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